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Australia’s largest raw sugar producer’s long-term partnership with Fenner Dunlop Australia delivers in spades.

Or in this case – delivers in rollers.

Wilmar Sugar is Australia’s largest raw sugar producer with 8 operating mills and one of the top 10 producers in the world. They are part of Wilmar International Limited – Asia's leading agribusiness group.

What began with an onsite discussion between the FDoz TEAM and Wilmar over 4 years ago – has delivered another recent win for Fenner Dunlop Australia with our rollers being recommended after a carefully monitored trial and design review.14FennerDunlopConveyorRollersAustralia600wide

4 years ago - a 10 year plan was initiated between Wilmar and FDOz to transition Wilmar’s operations from low cost belt conveyor system (running non-fenner belt) to a higher performing system which would deliver far better life cycle costs for their operations – the essence of our Engineered Conveyor Solutions strategy.

The engineering and reliability improvement program began focusing on Wilmar’s conveyor systems as a whole – to review all aspects of their systems including component performance.

The program has concentrated on building engineering specifications and standards for their operations based on best practice and component trials. The recent focus has been centred on the conveyor rollers.

During the 2016 crushing/production season 4 separate roller trials were undertaken to determine the best shell type for their various products including sugar, mud/ash and cane. Fenner Dunlop worked with Wilmar to overcome the unique challenges that presented as a result of working with sticky material of this nature – and not the more typical rock.

Lessons learnt while developing Fenner Dunlop’s range of steel rollers (which were released in 2016) in terms of design and performance – were able to be utilised in the development of a custom roller solution for Wilmar.

In addition to the trials, a full design review (with appropriate recommendations) of Wilmar’s current rollers was performed. This will be the basis for a forthcoming rationalisation program to assist Wilmar in reducing stockholdings.

Fenner Dunlop participated in their engineering department’s ‘Best Practice Forum’ to begin the process of implementing the recommendations based on the trials and design review.

The Wilmar group spends $1.6m a year on conveyor components (belt, rollers, cleaners etc.) Last year Fenner Dunlop supplied 100% of the Wilmar Groups belt orders, approximately 60% - 70% of their rollers and 30% - 40% of the balance of their conveyor componentry.

A great example of our ‘Engineered Conveyor Solutions’ strategy at work – where both parties involved benefit from a proactive and holistic approach to the management of their conveyor assets. – for more information on our new range of rollers.