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Our Workshop and Service Centre in Karratha turns one in July marking our successful expansion into Regional Western Australia.

The vision for the branch was to be a part of the local economy and to create opportunities for the community. To achieve this Fenner Dunlop set out to create a sustainable workshop that attracted a residential workforce and provided a training ground for new local employees. The invaluable partnership of our local maintenance contracts has helped us achieve this goal. 

The branch has a geographical advantage to the coastal sites, vastly reducing logistic and cost constraints, giving the customers the convenience to inspect the equipment before delivery and allowing for immediate discussions around design and innovation improvements. 

 “Fenner Dunlop has always taken immense pride in being close to the customers, and this branch is another example of this approach,” Said Dan Luther, Area Manager. “We’re proud that our employees, many of who are locals, have been hard at work to make our rapid growth a reality”.

The workshop offers mechanical and electrical services, including equipment refurbishment and fabrication, extending to field and breakdown services, including belt splicing. With the support of our engineering and technical experts, we can also provide preventative maintenance programs, design consultation and bespoke innovation.

The facility is extensively furnished with precision machining and welding equipment to allow repairs, modification and assembly of mining assets. 

As part of the preventative maintenance schedule, we track the future and the history of the asset giving the customer peace of mind that the equipment is fit for purpose and ready to use.

The off-site capabilities for belt preparation include the ability to fit all reels up to 51 tonnes from cotton to full race tracks, up to 25 tonnes and 500 meters. This offers the customers the reduction of critical risk exposure on-site and a decrease in belt cost as larger reels are significantly cheaper. It also gives the site team more time to focus on conveyor optimisation instead of belt preparation. 

Fenner Dunlop will continue to invest in the branch to keep delivering the best Australian made products and premium service to our local customers.