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R&D is conducted by Fenner Dunlop globally. Continuous R&D programs in Australia ensure our customers have access to the latest technology in belt design and manufacture. As Fenner Dunlop Australia is part of the Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belt Division, access is both unlimited and global.


Commitment to R&D

The latest refinements are the Low Rolling Resistance rubber compound, splice research being conducted with ITA Hannover, introduction of the High Integrity Splice, the Uniloop and UsFlex from USA, and ULTRA TUFFTM rubber compound developed in Australia.


The Fenner Dunlop trial of our new ULTRA TUFFTM compound delivered a significant increase in belt life and performance over the abrasion resistant name brand from a competitor. The bonder and pulley side covers remain the same. Only the carry side cover is the ULTRA TUFFTM compound.

The trial was conducted on a customer's reclaimer system. The reclaimer has a design capacity of 11,800 TPH. Belt speed is 4.5 m/s. Material being conveyed is classified as DSO (Direct Shipping Ore) with a density of 2000 kg/m3 and lump size of 25 mm.

steel cord belt 1

Cross section of steel cord belt showing carry cover, bonder rubber, steel cords and pulley side cover

The performance of the ULTRA TUFFTM compound was measured using industry best practice methods and significant historical data on the conveyor system and conveyor belt in question.


Plot showing tonnes conveyed over belt life for historical belts and new ULTRA TUFFTM compound.

As shown in Figure 2, the life of the ULTRA TUFFTM compound belt was significantly longer than the historical belt life. Unfortunately, the pulley side of the belt was damaged due to unrelated operational matters and the ULTRA TUFFTM compound belt had to be removed with 8 mm (50%) of cover still on the carry side. Fenner Dunlop is expecting therefore that belt free of operational damage will result in a life double that achieved in this study. This extrapolated result is presented in the bar graph on the far right.

ULTRA TUFFTM and Reclaimer systems

Fenner Dunlop has developed the ULTRA TUFFTM compound, specifically targeting short cycle systems in the iron ore industry which are subject to high abrasion. The trial was conducted on a iron ore port reclaimer conveyor system.

typical reclaime conveyor

Typical reclaimer conveyor

The ULTRA TUFFTM compound offers a significantly longer life which can result in less scheduled or unscheduled down time and extension of the time interval between major shutdowns.

lowering vulcaniser

Lowering vulcaniser through framework


Vulcaniser put in position within reclaimer framework

Machine belts such as reclaimer systems often have extremely confined areas in which to conduct belt installation and splicing. As such downtimes associated with belt change can be several shifts long.

Innovations such as ULTRA TUFFTM compound which extends belt life have a particularly high cost impact for such systems. The result is an extension of time between major shuts thus reducing maintenance costs for operators.