The last 365 days have been filled with passion and hard work! As our Hunter branch turns one, we're looking back and celebrating the milestones that happened along the way. 

Our journey started in July 2019 with the establishment of the branch in Beresfield. Since then, we have followed an aggressive growth strategy, extended the branch network to Muswellbrook, doubled the size of the team and the service capacity. This growth is the result of consistent investment in training and developing our staff and adapting to the market demands.  


As part of the ongoing commitment for a safer workplace, Fenner Dunlop takes pride in leading the way in training and assessment ensuring employees are experts in all high-risk activities, through the Verification of Competency (VOC) process. The service team is evaluated by a Nationally Accredited assessor and subject matter experts ensuring the quality of their work is above the expected standards and that all equipment is operated safely.

Reaching 12 months without a recordable injury reflects on the importance of the safety culture and the adoption of the Safety Circle program with a focus on a behaviour-based safety process. 

"This milestone is only possible because of the commitment of our hardworking and dedicated employees and of course the support of the Fenner Dunlop Management Team," Ross Vandyke, Branch manager said. “The plan was to build a customer focused team who brought local experience and industry expertise. Our employees' dedication is something to be admired, with the right people we were able to take our vision into action very quickly."

In addition to building a service centre fully capable of end-to-end services, supported by an arsenal of mine compliant equipment, capable of maintaining any size conveyor belt, the Hunter branch sustains its commitment to the strategic plan focused on the customers and continuous innovation. The relationships the branch has built – and will continue to build – with the local customers will always be the number one motivator for success.

The branch has received positive feedback, and today 8 of the major mine sites in the region are part of the loyal customers.

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