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While other companies are laying off staff and moving overseas, Fenner Dunlop continues to support Australian manufacturing. Fenner Dunlop – Australia is proud to announce the expansion of its manufacturing facility in Western Australia.

On the 2nd July 2009, the Hon. Julia Gillard officially opened the doors of this factory, and now 4 years later we have doubled the capacity of this manufacturing facility.

On Tuesday 4th June 2013, David Landgren, Executive Director of Fenner Dunlop – Australia was joined by Mark Abrahams, Chairman of Fenner PLC, to officially open this expansion, and while the PM could not attend on this occasion, we did receive a letter of congratulations which was read out by Mark Abrahams.

“Following its $75M investment in conveyor belt manufacturing plant in 2009, Fenner has now invested a further $25M to double the capacity of this plant which can produce in excess of 450,000 lineal metres of belting annually.”

“Yes, we could have built this facility in China or India. Others have done that. But our decision to manufacture in Australia was based on our commitment to quality and the total cost of the belts to our customers.”

Mr Landgren said Fenner Dunlop had been a manufacturer and employer in Australia for over 100 years and proudly manufactures products that are exported to the world and successfully compete in global markets.

The expanded plant now houses 2 of the largest and longest presses to build the biggest and best quality steel cord belting in the world. It also has the best rubber calendering and steel cable tensioning equipment available anywhere in the world, with a faster throughput than was previously considered possible.

The plant produces steel cord belt and rubber ply belt up to 3200mm wide. It has an annual capacity of 450,000 square metres, equating to about 200km of belting, and includes the most modern technical testing facility south of the equator.

This Australian manufacturing plant is Fenner Dunlop’s fifteenth global conveyor belt manufacturing facility and its fourth steel cord plant, strengthening the company’s reputation as a world leader and innovator in conveyor belt technology.

For further information, contact Trevor Svenson, General Manager Sales and Marketing on (07) 3640 5055 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website –