The Blue Tree Project began in Western Australia and encourages people to paint a dead tree that needs a 'blue lease on life'. It acts as a visual reminder to encourage people to talk about mental health, check in with their loved ones and friends, and speak up when battling mental health concerns.

Giving the project its own twist, the Team in Kwinana have engineered and manufactured a 3.5 metres tree out of steel as there was no access to a dead tree to paint. The tree has solar lights so that it can also be visible at night.

The vibrant blue tree is located at the entrance of the manufacturing plant, in a highly visible spot and it echoes the message to the employees and visitors that "it's OK to not be OK". Fenner Dunlop believes in an open and positive team culture and hopes to raise awareness and help break down the stigma that's still largely attached to mental health.

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