Belt safety services.
Our Belt Pull Calculation Tool© accurately determines the forces required to pull the conveyor belt around the system.

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Safety Services

Don’t leave it to chance

In keeping with Fenner Dunlop's philosophy of SAFETY FIRST, we can offer our clients conveyor belt safety services.

Conveyor Belt Safety

We can provide you with an accurate calculation of the forces required to pull the conveyor belt around the system by using the "Fenner Dunlop Belt Pull Calculation Tool"©. This is essential to ensure correct selection of equipment such as Belt Winders, Winches, Pulling Cables and Pulling Plates.


This tool has been developed in conjunction with independent registered engineers and takes into account pulleys, idlers, gearboxes and using the many years of experience gained in the field by Fenner Dunlop personnel. Extensive testing has also been conducted in the field to verify the accuracy of the tool.


The "Fenner Dunlop Belt Pull Calculation Tool"© is used to accurately determine the forces required to pull the conveyor belt around the system prior to the job commencing. The importance of assessing the pull force goes far beyond carrying out a risk assessment and is essential to ensure the task is carried out safely and incident free.

Gone are the days of "She'll be right". You need to ask the question: “Do you really know what is required to install your conveyor belt?" The more you look into the task of removing an old conveyor belt or installing a new belt on a conveyor system, the more complex it becomes.

But the first step is simple—contact Fenner Dunlop to arrange a qualified technician to determine the pulling force using our certified "Fenner Dunlop Belt Pull Calculation Tool"©