Conveyor Diagnostics

Helping you stay in control.
Belt monitoring systems ensure the least possible damage to your asset and bottom line.

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Conveyor Diagnostics

Stay in control of your operations with a conveyor monitoring system

Surprises are never welcome in a fast-paced high output operation. Think about the cost to replace your best, highest performing belt, not to mention the lost productivity while it is out of action. Now imagine how much can be saved with an early-warning monitoring system so that a repair or planned overhaul can take place instead.

Early detection and remote monitoring

Fenner Dunlop’s conveyor belt monitoring systems enable early detection of cord strand breaks, premature wear, pulley failure, corrosion, defects and splice failure. Alarm systems and remote monitoring mean 24/7 coverage for peak operational efficiency and reliability. As well as conveyor belt damage detection, Fenner Dunlop has sophisticated systems for life cycle monitoring - measuring, analysing and reporting changes in belt and conveyor condition.

Field-based diagnostic services

As well as providing diagnostic systems, Fenner Dunlop provides field-based Belt Diagnostic Services through our Australian service centres. These services include radiography and manual scanning by our highly trained technicians.

iBelt – Intelligent technology empowering you to reach the best performance 

Choose one product or combine several for a more comprehensive solution. 

✔ BeltGauge
✔ BeltTrack
✔ CordScan
✔ RipSaver

DigitalHub connects the iBelt technology tools and data sources to our applications. It allows you to understand real-time predictions and performance of your assets and effectively plan for maintenance activities.

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