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Carry materials from 60 °C to over 400 °C.
We recommend the use of heat resistant belts wherever the temperature of the material exceeds 60 °C.

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HeatMaster™ Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

The belting you need when the heat’s really on!

Apex HeatMaster™ heat resistant conveyor belts have been designed specifically for the transportation of high temperature raw materials and products in iron and steel mills, smelters, cement plants, and fertiliser plants, and to operate under high temperature conditions in many other industries.

The Apex HeatMaster™ range has been specially developed to cover a wide variety of industrial applications requiring belting that not only exhibits excellent physical properties, but also provides great resistance to high temperatures.

To extend your belt life, we recommend the use of heat resistant belts wherever the temperature of the transported material exceeds 60 °C.

When the heat is on, Apex HeatMaster™ is the range to turn to – whether you need belts that will:

  • Carry materials at temperatures over 400 °C;
  • Provide greater abrasion resistance than mining belting (with heat resistant properties);
  • Resist chemical attack at high temperature; or
  • Offer mild heat resistance at extremely economical cost.

Contact us or your local Fenner Dunlop branch for more information.

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