XCG Extra Cut Gouge updated

Superior resistance to heavy impacts.
eXtra Cut & Gouge delivers superior resistance to heavy impacts, abrasion and gouging.

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XCG eXtra Cut & Gouge

Fenner Dunlop’s eXtra Cut & Gouge (XCG) premium cover compound

Superior resistance to heavy impact and gouging

Fenner Dunlop's unique eXtra Cut & Gouge (XCG) rubber cover compound provides standout performance in applications where increased resistance to heavy impacts, abrasion and gouging is required. While the physical properties of our XCG covers similar to those of standard M grade belts, it's the on-site performance where the XCG compound excels.

If your current belts are suffering premature impact damage then speak us about how our belts incorporating our XCG compound can help. When combined with our superior Crows Foot Weave (CFW) fabric this has proven the ultimate belt for resistance to ripping, impact and gouging.

Contact us or your local Fenner Dunlop branch for more information.